Mini Valet

Time scale: 2-3 Hour Booking
Price: from £65.00 (dependent upon vehicle size)

  • Paintwork is treated for tar deposits and tree sap.
  • Multi-stage two-bucket wash method using chenille or wool wash mitts.
  • Alloy wheel front faces/spokes/inner rim are all cleaned using gentle pH neutral cleaners.
  • Wheel arches/liners cleaned.
  • All badges, grilles and gently cleaned.
  • Paintwork sprayed with liquid Carnuba wax.
  • Vehicle rinsed and then dried.
  • Interior vacuumed and dusted.
  • Glass and mirrors cleaned inside and out.
  • Exhaust tail pipes polished.
  • Tyres dressed to a factory satin finish.
  • Zaino Z8 spray sealant applied to all paintwork.


Please note that all detailing prices shown are for guidance only. All prices shown are dependent on make & model of car and condition; all prices thus reflect the amount of time spent by auto-detail professional detailers. Please note all booked cancellations will be charged at £120 per day booked.