Enhancement Detail

Time scale: 2 Day Booking (approx 13.5+ hrs)
Price: from £385 (depend upon size of vehicle and sealant or wax applied)

This is an introductory level paint correction service removing light swirls and imperfections. The Enhancement Detail helps to restore lost depth and gloss to tired or mistreated paintwork. This is a single stage machine polish finished with a protective Carnauba wax or sealant to form a water repellent shield.

  • The vehicle is rinsed to remove surface and lose dirt from the body panels, alloys and wheel arches.
  • ‘Snow Foam’ is then applied and left to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes to gently remove traffic film.
  • The lower body panels are treated for tar deposits.
  • The car is then treated to a multi-stage two-bucket washing method using gentle Chenille or Wool wash mitts.
  • Alloy wheel front faces/spokes/inner rim, tyres and brake calipers all cleaned using ‘safe’ acid free cleaners.
  • Wheel arches/liners cleaned and protected to give a factory fresh finish.
  • All badges, grilles, vents, wiper arms and scuttle are cleaned.
  • Paintwork and exterior glass is clay barred to remove bonded surface contaminants, tree sap, insects and environmental fallout.
  • Vehicle rinsed and then dried using soft micro fiber drying towels.
  • The vehicle is now receives a single-stage rotary machine polished to remove very light imperfections in the paintwork, these may include: holograms, light swirl marks, buffer trails and scratches.
  • The paintwork is now treated with Glaze to optically fill many of the remaining paintwork imperfections.
  • A single coat of fine Carnauba wax or sealant is then applied to all painted body panels to lock-in the applied glaze and add vital protection to the paintwork.
  • Chrome/stainless steel trim/exhaust tips are hand polished and protected.
  • Alloy wheel faces and rims are waxed using a specialist wheel sealant.
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed to a satin factory finish.
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned and polished, inside and out.
  • Final inspection wipe down of all paintwork with Zaino Z8 ‘Grand Finale’ protective spray sealant.


  • Upgrade to ‘Paint Protection’ and gloss enhancing systems by Zaino, GTechniq or Swissvax.
  • Full interior detail including deep cleansing of carpets and mats. Leather cleaning and treatment.
  • Touch-in paint chips or deep scratches and knib/flat down before polishing.
  • Paintless dent removal from body panels.
  • Wet sand paintwork to remove factory ‘Orange peel’ or poor bodyshop finish.
  • Anti-Bacterial cleaning of the air-conditioning system £25.
  • Rain repellent glass sealant. Windscreen £20, Full glass £35.
  • In-depth engine and bay detail to leave a factory-look finish.
  • Full alloy wheel refurbishment of standard, diamond cut, polished and split-rim.
  • Iron X alloy wheel ferrous bonded brake dust removal.
  • Wheels off, alloy wheel decontamination detail and protective sealant.
  • Leather repair and Connollising of interior or luggage.
  • Convertible fabric roof re-dyed (choice of colours) and water proofed.
  • Windscreen stone chip (star or bulls-eye) repair.
  • 3M Paint Protection Film fitting and cleaning.
  • Lacquered Carbon Fibre polishing


Please note that all detailing prices shown are for guidance only. All prices shown are dependent on make/model and condition; all prices thus reflect the amount of time spent by auto-detail professional detailers. Please note all cancellations will be charged at £120 per day booked to compensate our detailers for loss of earnings and expenses incurred.