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Auto-Detail offers a comprehensive range of set detailing services as listed below, along with bespoke tailor-made services to suit your own vehicles requirements. Should you require a bespoke service please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Restoration Detail

Time scale: 2+ Days Booking
Prices: £285.00 per day (9am-6pm). Our fees are computed by reference to the time spent detailing your vehicle by our professional detailer’s and take into account the consumables used, degree of responsibility and skill along with the vehicle’s size and complexity.

This Detail is the pinnacle of Auto-Detail’s machine polishing services, often removing up to 99% of paintwork imperfections including light scratches, swirls, marring and holograms; only the complexity of the bodywork, severity of defects and the limit of the measured paint depth levels and previous repairs can limit full paint correction. The finished, highly polished paintwork will surpass the original, often mediocre factory paint finish. Full paint correction is often seen as an excellent alternative to a costly respray at a fraction of the cost and with out the associated problems.
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Minor Paint Correction Detail

Time scale: 2 Day Booking (approx 18+ hrs)
Price: from £465 (depend upon size of vehicle and sealant or wax applied)

This service is a 2 stage rotary machine polish to remove a high percentage (around 65-75%) of swirl marks, light scratches, holograms and imperfections giving added depth and paint clarity.
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Enhancement Detail

Time scale: 2 Day Booking (approx 13.5+ hrs)
Price: from £330 (depend upon size of vehicle and sealant or wax applied)

This is an introductory swirl removal/paint correction service removing light imperfections, aiding to restore lost depth and gloss to tired paintwork.
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Protection/Refresh Detail

Time scale: 1 Day Booking (approx 9+ hrs)
Price: £220 (depend upon size of vehicle and sealant or wax applied)
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Mini Valet

Time scale: 2-3 Hour Booking
Price: from £65.00 (dependent upon vehicle size)
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Please note that all detailing prices shown are for guidance only. All prices shown are dependent on make & model of car and condition; all prices thus reflect the amount of time spent by auto-detail professional detailers. Please note all booked cancellations will be charged at £120 per day booked.